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Jasmine Green Tea BIO


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Green Tea Jasmine

Jasmine has always been associated with tea as a reference flower. In China, people consume it exclusively with green tea, for the combination of freshness it offers. This tea embodies the Chinese art of living, combining tradition, pleasure and well-being.

Generally, jasmine flower is the symbol of love but also of kindness. Hence, it is for this reason many people offer it as a gift. Chinese green tea is a basic ingredient for this flavoured tea. It has a little roasted aroma with floral and sweet note.

How Jasmine tea is made?

Giving the flavor of jasmine to the tea has been a great decision, beside own special scent, it has many advantages that affect our health. Flowers from ordinary jasmine serve in the traditional medicine to cure diarrhea, fever, asthma, dermatitis etc.

Producing Jasmine green tea involves jasmine scent-trapping on tea. Firstly, in order to obtain a jasmine scent we sprinkle half blooms of 20 buds into 50 grams of green tea. Green tea and flowers stay closed in a can for 4 hours. The replacement of new jasmine flowers into the can takes place seven times. Subsequently, the scent-trapping process succeeded. In addition to this, the root is washed with fresh and cool water and finally aerated in the air on a tray. The material needs drying over direct sunlight for 3 hours. Chinese green tea leaves that are roast-processed tend to be curly whereas Japanese green tea leaves that are steam-processed tend to be thin and straight (like in sencha).

Tasting: You will find intensely flowery, fine and fresh scents in your cup. This is a perfect tea for the afternoon.


Preparation: in kyusu or teapot. Steeping time: 3- 5  minutes / 75-85 ° c / 4g in 100 ml. Next infuse 10 sec. Alternatively, 2 minutes for the following infusions.

Enjoy your cup of favourite chinese green tea !

This tea is certified and comes from non-EU organic farming, see more about the quality of Yatea’s products. 


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