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Hemp Tea Sticks


High in cannabidiol (CBD), THC < 0.2%.

10 tea sticks individually sealed, 20gr (hemp and green tea)

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Hemp Tea (in Sticks)

Our Hemp Tea Sticks offer you a unique option for making your daily tea an enriching habit.

Greek organic hemp buds blended with two types of green tea from Sri Lanka.

Unprocessed Greek organic hemp buds mixed with green teas to create an aromatic fusion full of flavor and pleasing aftertaste.

Hemp mostly contributed to folk medicine, food preparation, textiles, paper and other industries.

What are the hemp tea benefits?

Cannabis plant contains cannabidiol known widely as CBD. It is nonintoxicating, but exerts a number of beneficial pharmacological effects. Main benefits of CBD tea are: elevating mood, treatment of epilepsy, provide relief for occasional sleeping difficulty. For this reason, hemp is known for its relaxing properties. Hemp may also help maintain immune system health, support cartilage and joint function. Finally, it helps maintain cardiovascular function including a healthy circulatory system.

Sip some hemp tea to calm down and get away from your daily stress.

Recommended for natural detoxification of the body, relaxing effects and encouraging a good appetite. Indeed, you can drink it anytime during the day, either warm or cold, with lemon or honey.

Tasting: has a mild, fresh and slightly sweet taste It is a perfect tea for any time of the day. It contains no caffeine.


Preparation: Insert 1 hemp tea stick into 0.3 l water at a temperature of about 90°C. The high-quality tea contents maintain their essence thanks to air tight packaging. Tea sticks help us mix in honey or sugar with no need for a spoon. The tea particles release evenly throughout the cup as opposed to tea bags that tend to release only at the bottom. Drip proof upon removal from the cup.

Enjoy your favourite cup!

Our products are 100% legal and comply with European Union regulations, certified THC-low content (<0.2%) and subject to strict regular checks.


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