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Sencha apricot caramel BIO


Fill up on sweetness with this tasteful flavoured sencha green tea!

Caramel has been one of the favourite delicacies of the French for several years! This is the reason why we have created a blend where, alongside apricot, it reveals all its delicacy and smoothness


Green Tea Sencha Apricot Caramel

The sweetness of fruit and caramel envelops your palate from the first moment. While the green tea balances the mixture by offering the vegetal and typical notes of a sencha. 

Benefits of green tea sencha

The flavors that distinguish sencha are a delicate sweetness and a mild astringency.

In Japan, sencha accounts for approximately 75% of the green tea production followed by bancha (about 14%). Prefecture of Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Miyazaki mainly produce this type of green tea sencha. As well as that, when picking Sencha tea by hand, usually stems with a shoot and two or three opened leaves are picked. Sencha is picked in the spring. Processed by steaming, kneading and drying new shoots. The steaming process has a significant effect on the Sencha’s color and quality.

Sencha is the most popular Japanese green tea because of its briskness.

Compared to bancha, sencha has the highest amount of theine and vitamin C. There are numerous health benefits of green tea. It helps to maintain healthy body weight, antioxidative properties, likely advantageous influence on breast cancer. In addition, it has also cognitive function and positive impact on bone density, caries, periodontal diseases and diabetes.

Enjoy your cup of favourite flavoured green tea Sencha!

This tea is certified and comes from non-EU organic farming, see more about the quality of Yatea’s products. 


100g loose leaf




a sencha that develops fruity aromas accompanied by bitterness and fresh roundness. It is a perfect tea for an afternoon.


in kyusu or teapot. Steeping time: 1 -3 minutes / 75-85 ° c / 2-3g (1 tsp. dessert) / in 100 ml. Next infuse for 10 sec.


Please store in dry area, airtight container, not exposed to direct sunlight, heat or moisture