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Bancha BIO


Discover Japan step by step through green tea bancha. Ideal to start with Japanese teas, this bancha is sweet, of less strong taste than a traditional Japanese green tea.  It is a really pleasant green tea to drink without moderation and at any time thanks to its low level of theine.


Green Tea Bancha BIO

This tea is from the third harvest period which takes place at the end of summer, the leaves develop a light, slightly grassy taste. Leaves go through rolling and steaming process. Though its production process is similar to that of Sencha, harvesting takes place later in the season for a sweet, yet bold and robust flavor.

Did you know that bancha contains 70% less caffeine than a classic sencha?

How green tea Bancha is made?

Very popular in Japan, this green tea Bancha also known as coarse green tea comes from late harvests (summer, autumn or winter) in the Kyushu region (Kyoto). This is lower grade of tea, made from mature leaves and stalks.  Picked later than Sencha, its leaves in large pressed needles deliver a “pale green” infusion all in freshness and intense flavors. Japanese people appreciate bancha, hot or cold, during and after the meal.

Bancha is one of those Japanese green teas people love to drink while eating because of fresh and pleasant taste. Theine content is low so you can enjoy it in the evening.

Cold tea preparation: in a tea or teapot bottle, 30 min / room temperature / 2.5g (1 teaspoon) / 100ml.

Enjoy your cup of favourite tea Bancha!

This tea is certified and comes from non-EU organic farming, see more about the quality of Yatea’s products. 


100g loose leaf




the liquor is quite sweet, notes of lime blossom and apple and a tangy finish, very light bitterness.


in kyusu (recommended) or teapot. Steeping time: 1 minute in 70-80 ° c / 2-4g (2 teaspoons) with 100ml. Next infuse 10 seconds for the following infusions (about 3-4 infusions possible).


Please store in dry area, airtight container, not exposed to direct sunlight, heat or moisture