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Did you buy your favourite tea and you wonder how to store it? Are you looking for a suitable tea container? Would you like your tea to stay fresh, full and flavours and keep it benefits?

Studies show that the storage time could affect the quality of the tea, meaning the beneficial components in tea could be gradually lost as well [1]. Temperature, humidity, sunrays and oxidation can influence tea aroma.

Below we unfold secrets to a perfect tea storage…

Keep it oxygen-free

Make sure that you store your tea in an airtight container. Choose a smaller container that is full to limit contact with air. Oxidisation will cause degradation of flavours. Be extra careful with white, green and yellow teas as they degrade faster. Remember: the more air in the container, the more your tea will oxidize and lose their aromas and benefits.

Tea likes darkness

Light contributes to decay of tea on a molecular. Therefore, it is not recommended to store tea in a glass container. Neither in a package that has a light surface (white or light paper). Place your tea in place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

In the right place

It is important to pay attention where to store your tea container. Keep it away from heat – it should be stored in the right temperature. Heat will again increase oxidisation and tea will faster loose its benefits and flavour. Also, if tea leaves get wet, they will decompose faster. Because tea leaves can absorb moisture from the air, keep it away from the sink, cooking area (evaporation when cooking) or dishwasher.

Another reason why it is essential to keep it away from cooking area is to keep odours away from your tea. Otherwise tea leaves will absorb the smell. Best would be to keep your tea in dry place where temperature is cool and stable or in your kitchen cabinet.


You may wonder now: “OK, I know where to place my tea but which package / container is best?”

We already mentioned that using glass container is not recommended as it exposes tea to light (faster decay). Other option is to use plastic package but be aware that some plastic is not food graded and can contain BPA. You should use a material that is non-reactive. This means a material that will not transfer flavours or smell into your tea. Thus, we do not suggest to use any of packages containing: aluminium, wood, paper, rubber or even bamboo. In fact, recent study found out “toxic chemicals in bamboo food containers”.

If you are thinking to store your tea in paper bag, make sure that tea is protected with a foil inside to keep away smells and light.

You can use various containers for your tea: food graded glazed ceramic, porcelain, tin-plated steel as well as stainless steel and tin.

[1] Yu H, Wang Y, Wang J. Identification of tea storage times by linear discrimination analysis and back-propagation neural network techniques based on the eigenvalues of principal components analysis of e-nose sensor signals. Sensors (Basel). 2009;9(10):8073–8082. doi:10.3390/s91008073

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