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Pourquoi vos cadeaux d’entreprise devraient être éthiques et durables

We are approaching special time of the year – Christmas and corporate gifts. It was a difficult year for all of us. Covid-19 has changed our lives forever and for sure there is no coming back. Suddenly we realised that our globalised economy and supply chains are not universally effective. Especially when the transportation and freedom of movement was restricted because of the lockdown.

Every year businesses spent billions on corporate gifts, especially now around Christmas period. More businesses are seeing the benefits of small gifts which remind people that you value their contribution to your organisation’s success.
Since Covid-19 forced most of companies to switch to remote work if possible, how companies will gift its employees, partners and associates? We can assume two scenarios. Either gift is in a virtual form like a code to purchase some products like a digital gift card. Second scenario is where the company has to rely on shipping the gifts to each partner, employee, business associate right to their doorstep. This year will show us the creativity of companies and how they adjust to current circumstances.

What bothers me though, is that many companies claim to be interested in reaching sustainable goals, or support important social issues. Whereas many do not care or pay any attention to their corporate gifting strategy. Instead, many decide to go for the cheapest, lowest quality giftsets that come from unknown sources. What business need to understand is that you can not claim to care about social and environmental issue when you source gifts from suppliers who are not aligned with your values and mission. Interestingly, respondents in one survey said that “gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively”.

Maybe it is finally time to think about your corporate gift strategy?

Why corporate gifts matter?

Corporate gifting is a market estimated according to Forbes at around 126B dollars. That is not a small amount… By choosing corporate giftsets, you should show your recipients that you care about them but also sustainability and important social issues. The right corporate gifts will enhance your corporate image and increase employee involvement. Therefore, this Christmas I encourage to be more thoughtful of the gifts you give to your employees, customers, partners…Your gifts can also contribute to a meaningful social change. It is high time to choose the right supplier.

Yatea défend activement une question sociale importante qui est l’exploitation du travail des enfants. By choosing our corporate giftsets, you also contribute to meaningful social change.

We are passionate about our tea. We offer personalised cards to add that personal touch which makes your corporate gifts stand out. 

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