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Taste fine teas the same way you would taste fine wines.
Enjoy a smooth, full, never-bland taste of premium fine loose leaf tea.
Worlds best tea in your teacup.
Kick your coffee habits with something just as strong and flavorful.
Start your tea journey and become a tea connesseur
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Welcome to YaTea - the world’s finest loose leaf tea!

Everyone deserves a good cup of tea. When you are looking for tea,

You want to find one that you will surely love,

But you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the choice of teas out there

Unless you are happy with just any supermarket brand of tea

Or the first tea you find on Amazon

That’s why we, at Yatea, do not offer generic teas nor teas that taste like steeped tea dust.

We offer a selection of the world’s best teas – smooth, full of flavor, never-bland premium fine loose leaf tea and blends – complete with the art of brewing, serving, and drinking tea.

We have extensively researched the world of tea for years and we’ve tasted the most exquisite and unique flavors tea could offer. We have then carefully curated a selection of the finest premium loose leaf teas and unique tea blends from mystical places around the world, and have made them available to you in our online shop.

All our teas are sourced sustainably with no harmful impact on environment and manufactured in a socially fair way, with no use of child labor.

All our teas are certified organic and contain no artificial aromas, additives or preservatives. They come in an ecologically responsible biodegradable packaging.

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Our selection of green teas

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In 2013 I travelled to Japan from Luxembourg where took part in a Japanese culture class. That was the day when I discovered a real, full of flavour green tea and experienced a tea ceremony. It changed my life because it gave me inspiration and fascination.

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    We are so confident that your will love our tea - we will refund you in full if this is not the best tea you’ve ever had. No more dust and stem in tea. Whole tea leaves, gently collected by hand. Unlike standard tea bags or low-quality tea, this tea guarantees flavour and taste.

    Free Shipping above 30 EUR

    We want to guarantee best service possible and offer your totally free shipping for orders above 30 EUR

    Biodegradable - no more plastic

    Fertilisers in a normal plantation destroy soil and affect health of people. Organic is a better and healthier choice. We support environmentally friendly way of enjoying tea therefore we use biodegradable packaging. No more tea that comes in cardboard boxes in individually wrapped or tea bags using microplastic harmful for your body or environment.

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    Tea Facts

    Tea in Japan

    Did you know the tea was introduced by the Chinese to their cousins in Japan as early as the eighth century?🍵⁠⠀
    During the course on Zen Buddhism tea was presented to the emperor. Zen monks drank tea to keep them awake during the long sessions of meditation. Since then it was established that tea was linked with the religion. Later on it became a part of Zen ritual. ⁠⠀
    Gradually tea became popularized in social gatherings outside of temples and rituals.⁠⠀

    Green Tea Facts

    Green tea has along tradition in Asian countries – especially in China.

    According to Chinese legend, Emperor Shen Nung called the drink “heaven-sent”. There are around 6000 publications about the health effects of green tea! 

    caffeine in tea

    Do you know that caffeine concentration varies across different types of teas?

    In general caffeine in tea depends on the time the tea is brewed. The shorter the brewing time, the less caffeine concentration.
    Earl Grey with steep-time of 5 minutes contains around 59 mg of caffeine per cup.

    Chinese white tea can contain 47 mg and the green tea 36 mg respectively.
    More info on caffeine intake on our blog.